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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Article Marketing - Things to Avoid

Being on top of your advertising game as a business owner is an absolute priority to keep sales flowing. Getting involved in some form of article marketing is a great way to tackle these sales droughts and increase your company's visibility. To get started on this simple journey of free advertising (yes, free!) you have to be a business owner or a representative/spokesperson for the company you work for with enough knowledge to convey your company's image effectively and give great advice and tips based upon your industry.

Easy article marketing can be quickly performed through the web. There are a few major article bases that will accept your articles on your industry content topics for free as long as they are well written and follow their writer's requirements. All that is needed to be effective in article marketing is to create useful content articles for public use on forums online and in print. The articles are to be on the short side, which is under five hundred words and they can include any tips you feel would be useful to the average reader.

Some things to avoid when embarking on your article marketing adventure is to never make the writing all about you or your company. Sure, the readers want to know about you and what makes you an expert to give them such sound advice, but that is where your byline comes into play and shouldn't be in the form of a resume, it should simply state your company information and options for contacting you via email or telephone. Give the reader information they will actually find beneficial and any secret "insider tips" of your industry that you can unveil without giving away anything to personal.

Another article marketing tip to avoid is to get angry when you see your work being portrayed in another website, even as someone else is taking credit for your writing. You must keep in mind that when you create a general article and mass produce it by posting it on several websites that the chances of it getting republished or copied are greatly increased. You do have the right to take advantage of some form of copyright protection, but in this type of writing you're not exactly creating poetry here, you're merely aiming to increase your company's exposure which means the more places your content articles end up, the more your gaining company visibility.

What you write in your articles will certainly be your bread and butter of your article marketing plan, but one other element to avoid is improper use of your company byline. The byline is simply the contact information piece that the publisher permits you to post so that the readers can contact you for services, sales and inquiries. Some websites and print companies will allow you to enclose a photo in your byline and many make the mistake of posting one of themselves that isn't very businesslike.

Choose one of your facility if you can obtain one and if not get a photo of your clients or you performing your services to make the byline appear more professional and as if you are just aiming to promote yourself. By using article marketing tips to avoid simple mishaps when writing your pieces you are sure to stay on a path for success!

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