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Friday, July 16, 2010

Tips to Write a Sensational Article For a Tabloid

Do you need some tips how to write a good article for a tabloid? Tabloid has some pieces of stories and it focuses on the violent, scandalous, or criminal aspects. Compared to journalistic articles, tabloid has lower burden of truth. Then, what you should do to make a good article which can attract the attention of your reader? Follow these steps.

Get the story ideas

For getting the ideas, you can search it in the newspapers and any other media. Tabloid usually needs articles which have sexual liaisons and gruesome crime. Also, a well-known personality will be a great idea to write.

Get an inspired source for the quotation in your article

If you have made an interview with a well-known figure, you can prompt that source with a lot of questions. If you are about to write a piece of an article about a peeping tom, you can ask one who witness it. Ask whether she was scared beyond belief of his twisted features. If she answered it "yes", then you can write it as "The victim signifies that she was scared beyond the belief of his twisted features."

Contact the celebrities' publicity agents

Instead of the above options, you can also contact the agents and offer them to write only the positive stories as the exchange of the information. You can reveal about their life stories for making your article more interesting.

Explain the detail of their life stories especially the most sensational one

Sensational stories of the well-known public figure are usually able to attract the attention of the reader most. If your articles contain higher gossip factor, the reader will read it more.

Keep the records of your articles

When you write about the scandalous stories, the subject can possibly sue. It is as your anticipation if they sue you. Show the documentation for backing up your articles.

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