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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Article Writing, Keywords and Search Engines

If you are trying to generate traffic to your website and you have more time than money, then article marketing is the way to go. Article marketing is when you write articles and submit them to article directories in exchange for the ultimate payoff - traffic.

There are several different ways that article marketing works. You can write articles that get picked up by publishers, or you can write articles that get indexed by the search engines; either way, it is a surefire way to get exposure as a writer and to create traffic to your website. When you submit your unique articles to article directories, publishers can pick them up and then reprint them on their own blogs, websites and in their newsletters. That means more links to your website and that ultimately translates into more website traffic.

But before you begin writing your article, it would be a good idea to research what sorts of keywords your target market is using to find sites like your site. Once you determine the most effective keywords, then you can write articles centered on those keywords. These keywords will lead the search engines to your articles and visitors will easily find you.

The most efficient way of choosing your keywords is to choose words that do not have a lot of competition, but at the same time, get a decent number of searches per day. By choosing your keywords efficiently it will increase your chances of landing in the top of the search engine rankings which will determine how many visitors you get.

As you write your article, use your selected keywords in the title and throughout the article, most especially at the top of the article. Keep the title simple, but make it memorable, because the title is what is going to stir up the interest of your readers. Your title should also contain powerful trigger words like "how to," "discover," "secrets," etc. As you write, remember to focus on the content of the article keeping it informative and short, around 500 words.

Although you want to write articles that are useful to your readers you should also be mindful that for you, the most important part of your article is the resource box. The resource box is a short bio of the author and it is usually found at the end of the article at the bottom of the page. It includes the name of the author, the author's expertise, and a link to the author's website.

Don't make the common mistake of underestimating the power of your resource box, and whatever you do, don't make the mistake of talking too much about you in your resource box. The resource box is intended to give your readers a compelling reason to click on your link. If you are offering your readers a free gift, the resource box is where you advertise it.

Now you're ready for the final step, which is to create accounts at various article directories and submit your articles. Just remember, article marketing takes more time to generate traffic to your site than the pay-per-click (PPC), but the upside of article marketing is it is a whole lot cheaper.

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