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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Want to Become an Author in 3 Easy Steps

So today your starting to tell yourself that you want to become an author,becoming an author isn't hard as it looks. My first piece of advice is to just start writing away and let your mind do the talking. You can practice this by writing things like short stories, articles, even journaling.

In order to become a writer you have to write; but you might ask "What if I can't write?" Well your not doing yourself any good by just sitting there and dreaming about becoming an author. So if you listen to what I am telling you and that you can achieve your dream! Try some of these tips I have personally learned from reading other peoples work:

"Don't ever take anything seriously" This means that if your writing is rejected you are well on your way to becoming an author. Many famous authors have been rejected before and this shouldn't be taken seriously!

"Research" This means if you don't know anything that is interesting to write about, try researching topics of interest on the internet. The internet is such a wealth of information that this seems to easy.

"Learn how to revise" Unless your are a writer you probably don't know how to write/revise. You should always write as much as you can THEN go back and revise just like I was saying in the beginning of this article. So try to do corrections in your work after you do your writing. That is the secret to writing.

"Don't doubt yourself" Yikes! If your doing this that could destroy your journey of becoming an author. Also don't let it into your head from family or friends.

Last but not least "Learn from others" this brings me back to tip #2: Research. This helps not only build your courage but your confidence as well!

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